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BIOplastics Helpful Smart Solution for your Lab

Interchangeability of products and processes


BIOplastics has assembled a range of products which are fully interchangeable with each other.

A (q)PCR process optimized in one of the BIOplastics strips, tubes or plates can simply be transferred to any other BIOplastics strip, tube or plate. The fact that BIOplastics offers products for ALL BRANDS and models of (q)PCR cyclers enables end-users to “one time only” optimize the (q)PCR process in its, at that moment in time, preferred BIOplastics model. Once optimized you can simply swap to a different BIOplastics format without re-optimizing or re-validating the process, since you are benefiting from our identical and interchangeable model and raw material properties plastics with the same properties. Using the same protocol on a different cycler is easily done by selecting the designated BIOplastics product for that model of cycler.

Required strips can be easily torn off f

Required strips can be easily torn off from the Tear Off Strip 8-Tube Strip Mat


Indelible in product labeling of a 384 well plate using BIOplastics’ BPLPM technology

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