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NGS cancer panels

A range of targeted NGS panels designed to enable early and accurate cancer detection and patient monitoring by confidently calling even the lowest frequency variants.

Targeted resequencing panels for low frequency mutation detection

Liquid biopsy, which detects tumour DNA circulating in blood or other fluids, offers a non-invasive approach to cancer diagnosis avoiding the need for tissue biopsy.  However the levels of tumour DNA in a background of DNA from normal tissue require ultra-sensitive sequencing methods to detect them.

Nonacus is developing innovative technologies which allow confident and sensitive calling of mutations down to 0.1% VAF and as little as 10ng ctDNA input from liquid or tissue biopsies to enable the early detection of cancer, monitoring of cancer treatment and detection of relapse as early as possible.

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Cell3™ Target: Nexome - a clinically enhanced exome panel
Detect SNVs, indels and CNVs in a single, clinical-grade assay
Capture more variants and increase your diagnostic yield without increasing your sequencing costs.

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Panel Design Tool

Create custom NGS panels online in minutes

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