Peptide Arrays

JPT Peptide Technologies


Peptide Arrays for Mapping Protein Interactions

JPT Peptide Technologies developed a well validated technology (Spot) to provide state-of-the-art B-cell epitope mapping in a reliable and speedy manner.
Mapped epitopes can be functionally characterized by rapid determination of key residues playing a definite role in the binding process.
More than 100 scientific papers describing the application of this technology and the hundreds of successful mapping projects performed at JPT over the last decade distinguish the PepSpot™ technology as the method of choice for fast and reliable antibody epitope mapping.

Applications for PepSpots™
  • Antibody epitope mapping
  • Functional characterization of mapped epitopes (e.g substitutional or truncation analyses):
    Which amino acids are critical for binding?
    Which amino acids are so called "key-residues”?
  • Characterization of protein-protein contact sites, such as:
    • Receptor-ligand
    • Enzyme-substrate
    • Protein modules involved in signal transduction processes
    • Recognition sequences for heat shock proteins

Benefits of PepSpots™ peptide arrays

  • Rapid, economical, and accurate synthesis using robotics
  • Hydrophilic surface of cellulose membranes
  • Minimization of unspecific hydrophobic interactions with target molecule
  • Easy detection using standard ELISA protocols