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Custom Peptide Synthesis

JPT Peptide Technologies has substantial, long-standing expertise in providing custom peptides, peptidomimetics, and proteins to the global scientific community. Our highly skilled and committed scientific staff ensures that the most appropriate methods and techniques are selected for every synthesis project.
These include state-of-the-art automated synthesis approaches, optimized solution phase procedures, scales ranging from 1mg to several grams, and chemistries involving a variety of protection schemes such as Fmoc and BOC approaches.
Most of JPT's specialty peptides are provided in the highest purity (>95%), with a full range of analyses including LC-MS (trap and/or quad), MALDI-MS, HPLC, AAA, NMR, CE, as well as peptide content determination to confirm the identity and demonstrate the high quality of our peptides.
The exceptional quality and reliability of this service has been appreciated by customers worldwide for many years. JPT is the premier provider of custom peptides and related services.

Options and Specialties:
  • Fluorogenic and chromogenic peptides (AMC, etc.) as well as peptide esters
  • Internally quenched peptides (Abz/nitroTyr, EDANS/DABCYL, MCA/DNP) guaranteed without fluorescent impurities
  • Immunogenic peptides (MAPs, palmitinylation, Pam3Cys labeling, etc.)
  • Phospho-peptides and peptidomimetics (amide bond isosteres, non-natural amino acids, etc.)
  • Non-commercial building blocks available
  • Labeling (non-radioactive isotope, chromophore, etc.)
  • Side-directed conjugations with KLH, BSA, ovalbumine or other carriers
  • Cyclic peptides (disulfide bridges, lactams, thioether-bridges, etc.)
  • Long peptides (>70 amino acids)

Please inquire about additional services not listed here

Our support service includes:

  • Quick and personal consultation with experienced scientists
  • Rapid order processing
  • Reliable quality control using state-of-the-art techniques
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Competitive prices